Architectural Control Guidelines

NOTE: All QHEIV homeowners signed A SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, AND RESTRICTIONS contract at closing on the purchase of property here. Be sure you familiarize yourself with these covenants (found here).

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is made up of neighbors who volunteer their time to review and approve exterior projects for our fellow homeowners. Our goal is to “implement the design philosophy of Quail Hollow Estates IV, to blend the homes and the residents' lifestyles into a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing residential community, which places a strong emphasis upon the preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of QHE IV.” Meeting this goal will not only help us all to be good neighbors, but will maintain and increase our home values over time. 

Our guide in meeting this goal are the “Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines” that were established in June 2017. These guidelines help us to define a reference point for all exterior designs, colors, and projects. The following is some helpful points regarding the ACC approval process:

  • Please do not start work until an ACC approval has been completed.
  • Request approval by completing this form: ACC Change Request Form
  • Once a request is submitted for review, the ACC has 30 days from date of request receipt to do the review. Our regular response time is usually much faster, but approval typically depends on the complexity of the project and information provided by you or your contractor.
  • Please review our Color & Designs (see below) for helpful information about the colors, materials, and designs that are typical for our neighborhood.

Request Exterior Change Form: Architectural Change Request Form We look forward to working with you to preserve and improve the beauty and value of our neighborhood!

View Full Guidelines:  Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines

Colors & Designs

The following links and images are intended to help you as you develop a plan for an outdoor project. This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully will help you or your contractor as you improve your home. 

Paint Colors

The neighborhood has adopted the ‘Williamsburg Collection” from Benjamin Moore paints as our primary color scheme for painting the outside of your home. The exterior colors and materials should be selected from the Williamsburg palette and be blended together harmoniously. Note, if you are not changing the color of your home, there is no need to request approval from the ACC.




We have standardized our mailboxes to the ‘Moss Creek’ style from Carolina Mailboxes.   

You can purchase the mailbox and installation from any vendor as long as it matches this style. For other styles of mailboxes, please submit a request for approval/review to the ACC.

Roofing Materials

The roofing materials we have standardized on should be twenty-five (25) year or greater warranted composition (fiberglass/asphalt) shingles. If you replace existing shingles with the same color, there is no need to request approval from the ACC. The majority of homes have a dark brown or black shingles, though other colors that compliment the home are always considered.




The location (fences should generally follow existing property lines), materials, size, and design of all fences must be approved by the ACC. Accepted fencing is split rail or black metal (as is currently in use at the adult and children’ parks). Fences are approved for back yard use only. No double fencing allowed.

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